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Pickled Poetry Talkies is a society that deliberates to be able to provide for a common, unbiased, non-judgemental, uncensored and collaborative platform that would allow many a hidden artist in us which we fail to acknowledge, due to other pressing needs of the hour, the most important of which would be to eke out a living and paying your bills. We at Pickled Poetry Talkies vehemently believe that art and its multitudinous expressions can connect a plethora of like-minded souls and give friends for life while also being bread earners. We love songs that are unsung.

We at Pickled Poetry Talkies, give you a bigger, more connected and a more inclusive community to make sure you are never alone in creativity. We are a membership-based community and engage with and support diverse audiences. We will be more than interested to have you join our bandwagon.

Find out more about Pickled Poetry Talkies by exploring our Blog, Art, Poetry, Stories, Photography and Podcasts pages.

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Illustration Courtesy:

  •  Dance for Rights by Alvin Ailey []

In spite of our best efforts to include and acknowledge each artist whose works have so contextually been used, our search for the original creators of these works of art, has not been able to identify every and every illustrator, creator or designer.

Along with our sincerest of apologies for the same, we also want to state that knowledge of any creator remaining uncredited in the above mentioned list shall be acknowledged and included upon intimation at the earliest.

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