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In the lines of Gogh we believe that the best emotions are so powerful, impulsive and intense that they often defy verbal expression.


It is then that colours, shapes and canvases become the best manifestation of both the deepest angst and the unnamed and untamed exuberance of the soul.

The strokes, the lines, the stipples, the hatchings are but the delicate nuances of a mind racing top speed on adrenaline and imagination.

Art liberates. Art is for the brave.

Here's our version of it.

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Illustration Courtesy:

  • Kipartz []


In spite of our best efforts to include and acknowledge each artist whose art works have so contextually been used, our search for the original creators of these works of art, has not been able to identify every and every illustrator, creator or designer.

Along with our sincerest of apologies for the same, we also want to state that knowledge of any creator remaining uncredited in the above mentioned list shall be acknowledged and included upon intimation at the earliest.

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