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In Focus

They say an entire lifetime can be chronicled in a single click. A photograph is a visual documentary of memories we can live and relive for ever. Every photograph captures a slice of eternity. A view through a lens is more than just a perspective. It is about finding beauty in randomness, it is living history in monuments that outlive time, it is about identifying experience behind wrinkles and weaving stories without words. Photographs are our happiness, pain, anger, love, jealousy, betrayal, desire.

They often make sense of a nonsensical world and find infinity in a grain of sand. "In-Focus" is an invitation to walk through the lanes and by-lanes of a city called Life, hand in hand with poetry and nostalgia.

Illustration Courtesy:

  • Header : Parijat Bhadra

  • Argus Camera Print by Robin Johanna Archer []

In spite of our best efforts to include and acknowledge each artist whose works have so contextually been used, our search for the original creators of these works of art, has not been able to identify every and every illustrator, creator or designer.

Along with our sincerest of apologies for the same, we also want to state that knowledge of any creator remaining uncredited in the above mentioned list shall be acknowledged and included upon intimation at the earliest.

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