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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Makeup - Koeli Sengupta

Photographed By - Sarbojit Sen

Model - Roshni Ghosh

Camera - Nikon D750

Aperture - 4.0

ISO - 100

Exposure - 1/200

Focal Length - 120mm

Lens - 24-120mm

Theme - Devi

Lights - Elinchrom FRX 400 with Beauty dish

Instagram: @ myself_sarbojit

I became Power the other day

I defied Time

On the Banks of Fire

I stood and blazed

I drank

I sank

Into your abysmal chasms

You can't burn me though

And I don't drown well

I can sink

You however

I can ignite

Old passions

Forgotten loves

You can burn though

As I roar and race in your veins

Snarl and seduce emptinesses

You have tucked away deep

Look into my eyes long enough and you will see

The fire, the feist, the fever, the feast

You will see yourself burning with me

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