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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Illustration Courtesy: Ort des Seins

They dropped out for sure

They did

In drops like tears



The ether less ethereal

They are now the ripple

They are now my skin

They have now left the sickle

Of a moon chagrin

I am precious

I am clothed

Prose of the moment

The lilt of expose

Tell me what you see

What you think you see

The stars they shine deep behind your eyes

Edge and glitz and glitter and ice

Look at me

As I am

Call me Desire

By any other name.


Look for a trillion solar masses

Find them, O Heart!

Wrapped around me

Find me somewhere

Drenched in them

Dripping with the glisten of souls lost

I heave


With bits of heaven



I am a goddess

Sculpted of Stardust

Love and Lust.

Today I have left the moon quite


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