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Maybe, just maybe

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Illustration Courtesy: Fallen Leaves 3 by Kimberley for 2 See Phtography []

Maybe, just maybe.

Then someday with all

these emotions and love running through my veins, not knowing where to go, whom to take them to, one day they'll burst.

Blooming like red flowers cleaving their way through the vessels of my skin, and I'll be found lying in the grass.

Like the baby I was in my mother's womb falling asleep to the sound of her heartbeat.

And when I'll wake up I'll only remember the good.

The slate of my memory wiped clean with the cyan blue lake water.

Not the violations, not being left bruised blue, not the bleeding or the smell of iron in my blood, not even the taste of my salty wounds.

Lying down, I'll be seen covered in snow.

Or mist.

Or fog.

Who can tell?

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