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Beyond The Window

Photography by Shatabdi Das

Location: Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

Dreams of the days of yesteryears flit past the window,

Of children running about the lanes twisting between houses,

And pointing up at the white clouds slipping from the cobalt sky,

Perhaps racing them home!

The marigold and rose bushes orange and red,

Frayed yet fragrant, gave themselves away each day.

The rains arriving late at times, the cold a tad bit soon,

Knock endlessly on the yellow tin roofs

Painted bright like sunshine.

Standing before them and looking at the mountains,

One would see the slopes turn white, green and brown

As winter faded into summer and the seasons welcomed autumn.

The warm and cool breezes

Still play with the apple branches,

And sometimes stay on for a moment longer!

Beyond the window the closed gates stand in silence

Waiting to be opened,

And set out, ahead, hurtling through time!

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