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Bhubaneshwar Citywalks Wall Art | Episode 3

While we cope up with the extensive concretisation of our very piece of land man conquers from Nature, the city of Bhubaneshwar in Odisha has taken it up to at least make them look beautiful.

Beautiful murals of wall art paint the city in brilliant, bright colours with contemporary themes which enliven the beautifully green and clean city and its equally wonderful populace. Talk a tour of our selected collections! And look out for more.

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surfaces. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.
Photo by Anisbesh Sethi

Photo by Anibesh Sethi

Location: Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, IN

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