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Blue Bites

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Illustration Courtesy: Photo 8, ПХОТО by Anna Danilova [Instagram: annadanilova_book]

…Those blue bites on his neck whisper his encounter with a Wild Flower.

His bare chest triggered her passion, and the wild She, swayed in his arms…

The warmth of their bodies was as high as molten lava within

The lips that sucked the love and lust when they touched each other, drove them mad and laid desire bare…

The eyes that gulped him deep within

Without any shame, whispered that today she wanted him…

Today she was a body of love and lust …

She called him to forget everything..

Love me Oh! Love

His fingers that carved her body

His touch that made her skip a beat

She wanted him more and and more

His touch was a feeling too deep

The Wild Flower said, "Every thing that I have I am ready to give..

You are mine, every inch of you is mine and I want you in me.."

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