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Those were everywhere,

the back, neck, the jawline...

I couldn’t hide,

the glory they showed,

while glowing on my skin...

The colours, they bore

Blue, red ,black

seemed fresh like our love,

the depth they claimed,

revealed your rights on me...

The geometry of shapes,

conveyed your authority, on me...

They were questioned, debated – bites or hickies,

I could answer,

a token of love with a tinge of lust...

They would ask, they hurt?

I could answer,

they tingle

as pain ignites pleasure

when our sweaty skins slap,

leading us to the euphoric ecstasy,

as we drink our own elixir of desire...

We moan, hard

as we unite, every night

tangled as one,

savouring our nectars

while your claws deepen those flickering lesions,

new bruises are curved...

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