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Chapter 1 – Did you like it?

Friday night in Kolkata, when half the city was watching daily soap, news or football, Rita and Indranil

were entangled with each other huffing and puffing on their bed making love with each other. Rita and Indranil had met at their college’s fresher party where Indranil had asked her out on a dare from his friend. Rita agreed and since then it has been 3 years, they are almost done with college and at the moment pleasuring each other. “Yes, baby keep going” Rita moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist “I am about to cum I can’t hold it much longer” and Indranil finishes. Indranil smiles and kisses Rita and turns over and flops in bed like he won a battle, Rita on the other hand fake moans and excuses herself to the washroom. “What the fuck is he doing, why can’t he last longer!!!” She mumbled to herself frustrated. Rita closes the washroom door behind her and grabs the showerhead and starts it rubbing it on her clit and fingering herself simultaneously till she peaked and then she cums and feels relaxed. She looks at the shower head and says,” How can you do it and he can’t? why am I

talking to a shower head”. “Can I join you in the shower? “asks Indranil and he is signaled to join in. The shower

was less cleaning and more grinding on each other and kissing and grabbing. They step out dry each other off and

light a joint. “Did you like it? “he asks smiling sheepishly “Yes!” she lies because she doesn’t want to ruin her high.

“Are you excited for the fest? It’s the last college fest for us” he said, “Of course I am, I love the fests. Fashion

shows, dance competitions, sports and the all-round flaunting of good clothes, the only time of the year everyone

puts effort to look good. This is my last year as college fashion show contestant I will light up the stage” , “easy

there tiger, guys can’t stop staring at you anyway, I don’t want more in your dms”, “ Yeah right, right.. anyway,

gotta go back told mum I’m at Rimpi’s house I better be there when dad come’s to pick me up. Rita dresses up

and kisses her boyfriend goodbye.

“Oh, look who’s back from their “important project work” “Rimpi teased Rita. “How was it, was it very “hard” to do project? I hope the results were “satisfying” “Rimpi giggled as she teased away, “HA-HA very funny, satisfying is the last thing that it was” Rita said all irritated and disappointed, “He use to be so good in bed, that boy use to make my legs shake, I use to call him my tiger and now he’s more like rabbit” , “Hey well what can you do?

You can’t leave him because he’s bad in bed now, I mean if that was possible all the girls would be single, oh wait!

You’re Bi you’d still have options tho” Rimpi teased again, “That’s not how it works and I love him, yeah sex is bad

but I still love him” Rita sighed, “Buzzkill” Rimpi murmured “So the fest is in 2 days what you plan to do for the last fest? “, “Well, I am not nothing if not fabulous, you see” Rita’s dad arrives to pick her up and she hugs Rimpi


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