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Forbidden Love

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Illustration Courtesy: Terca Feira

When I feel your tongue rolling near my earlobe,

you nibble,


The forbidden love,

between us

We commit a sin, this night...

You hold me,

by my waist the fingers run smooth,

like plucking the strings,

the melody,

my moans for you...

You bite my skin,

down my neck,

my exposed jawline

leaving your marks while you tickle the red cherries,

bloomed to be caressed...

You trace down,

to the flower bed

to unfold the petals...

The nectar drips,

flows like a brook as you plunge deep,


unleashing your desires,

layer by layer,

you strip to bloom the bud, to be nurtured...

Your rough entry gives a painful pleasure,

to me as we inhale and exhale,

more out of our fuming heat,

as we both burn,

while flesh and bones arise with incarnation of our carnal yearns...

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