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Ghost in the Gaslight | Episode 2



It seems to me that an act of drawing a hand is itself a ghost story. It is for the artist the art of detective work- to find the bones- the skeleton that is waiting and percolating underneath yes? It is a wonderful mystery to solve everytime.

I’m always grateful to sketch out a hand. It makes me appreciative. I think the world would do well to care about the little things more often. There are many people keeping their mind preoccupied with fear and big pictures of people they never met. I wish we had simple times where we could talk to one another about the little beautiful things. For a moment there is nothing like a hand.

I feel like I was on the surface of the moon and knuckles were mountains.

And the fingernails were like a half moon reflecting sunlight in the darkness. Ahhh the truth feels good. There is nothing like feeling a soft face in my hand. Or soft fingers on my scruff…

The human hand is one of the strangest things ever seen- everytime. No Matter how often I see them- I find them strange. There is something arachnid-like- or Alien- otherworldly about them. They look ghastly and possessed. And yet nothing is beautiful like a hand is. They are sensitive, delicate, and Devastating. Haunted.

Solomon Shiv Landerman was raised around the foggy redwoods of Northern California. he was always drawing and playing with words. In his roaring Twenties he sojourned East to ‘The City of Tomorrow”- and drank the New York City life to the fullest for over a decade. He made one more move {for now} to “The City Of Angels” where he began spending a lot of time in enjoyable conversation with the strange ghosts who haunt him in his ongoing art project ‘Ghost in the Gaslight’.

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