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Hurt Hours

I woke up to you today

In the morning I realised

That I have loved you all night

Through the hours and the minutes and the seconds

You have held me in you

Against you

So close

So hard

So intimate

That it was hard recognising me for myself

I have known sublimations

Like myself fusing in you

In ions

Bit by bit by bit

There is nothing of you that you can take from me that will not have me in it

Nothing that you want to leave behind which won't have you

You pretend you are hurting me

You pretend you are pushing me away

But no

You know

The hurt is yours, just as it is mine

You or I

Can't even separate us

In pain

In hurt

In hate

And you think you can rip us off in love?

Photo by Romina Farías

I will always love you.

And only you.

If you have been my life.

You can be what comes after.

Next time

In a happier place

In a different life

Just be mine

Don't let yourself take you away from me.

Yours ever hopelessly.

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