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L'histoire d'Amour Parisienne | Episode 3

Golden House

Pauline Di Valentin, French artist from Amiens born in 1990, creates ink drawings on paper depicting lost architectures in the midst of abundant vegetation.

In these drawings on paper, pastel villas stand in an isolated district, in the middle of a dense jungle that breaks our bearings. The ink, diluted, blurred, allows marbled effects, transparencies or gradations. And it is mainly in a palette of roses and greens that the architectural and plant world of these imaginary places are diffused in paper.

What is concretized in these drawings are feelings, desires, memories to which are associated colors, landscapes, places, characters. It is a bit like the pieces of a puzzle whose association would bring out a kind of sweetness of life, a calm but sometimes also a tension that would call a before or after. The use of a certain palette of colors pushes each of these drawings to echo each other, some of them being the other part of the set of the others or the plan of a later scene. There is often a warmth that emerges, a summer atmosphere, a fire, night lights with an abundance of vegetation that gives the place an intimacy or at least produces an isolation, a comfortable, even paradisiacal setting.

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