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The elixir of desire,

I drink,

every night with the feel of gentle ripples,

down the shaft,

Obsession for skin sets in...

The bodily pleasures,

The pain and screams,

with a tinge of sinful words,

blessing the ears

Photo by Alexey Turenkov

Obsession takes dominance...

The rubs and pinches,

The scars and pampers,

The blemishes,

the trace,

down the milky way

to the deep meadow of carnal pleasure,

obsession is addictive...

The smell of lust,

The taste of warmth and desire,

The poisoned soul,

is ready,

to be invaded,

Entwined and seeded,

Filling the brim

while the soma gets flooded,

with drips and drops,


It's destruction...

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