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The Blessing

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

The one soul that ceaselessly cares and never fails to worry about us is our ‘Mums’!

“Mother” some magic that word surely stirs. Some would say she is an angel who loves unconditionally; others would name her the tireless caregiver. Whichever house she may be staying in – the narratives indoors are pretty much the same. ‘Mom’ would turn out the one safe topic of debate where none could disagree. Where does she get all her strength from? What does she read to gain her superpowers? Some answers stare us in the face, almost every single day, yet we wonder in amazement. I remember my mum once telling me, mothers transform into a different person the moment her child is placed in her arms – her new born places some indomitable charm on her apparently and she’s the selfless and content being we see minding our homes, because all of her thoughts are occupied by her child. “Yes, that’s me!”

Our mothers are there by our sides every single day and we can never thank them enough for being incomparable. To let her know how much she means to me, I used to paint or write poetry for her on ‘Mother’s Day’. Discovering that her daughter was trying to express her love for her mother was happiness to her and she beamed with an unforgettable smile. At least on that ‘one’ day of the year, when television commercials and newspaper advertisements flash and remind all about celebrating their mothers, she rejoices on receiving a gentle wish from her daughter - I see it in her eyes!

This year has been different though! With all of us struggling to stay indoors I believed I would not be able to make the day special for her by any means. The idea of baking a cake for her occurred to me. I tiptoed to the kitchen and realized I was out of baking ingredients. It wouldn’t be possible for me to quickly step out and buy some stuff from the neighbourhood shop with all shutters down. I was feeling morose. ‘What else could I do?” I thought. I looked around the kitchen and found a jar full of spices.

My mother was pleasantly surprised seeing the deep coloured masala tea fragrant on the table. She smiled as I sat close to her and chatted the whole evening – both of us finally caught up on so much left unsaid while blowing wisps of delicate steam rising out of the delightful brew.

Illustration by Shatabdi Das

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