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The Dolphin

She plucked out a slab of Sea

And tucked it into her notebook

The waves kissed the edges of her salt self

Cauterized deep open wounds



The Sea sloshed about in Serene

The Sea tumbled about in Teal

Saw right through her Silence

Danced and Dived into her Deep

That was when she hurled out her Sepia Sails

To the bohemia of the Haboob

Tossed brined hair away from very olive eyes

Smiled with her sunkissed freckles

She looked Endless in the eye

This is what leaving The Familiar behind

Felt like

She mused.


At how easy she allowed that fragility to slip away

Like a sheer linen from last night

What you don't wear

Cannot much wear you out

Cannot much beat you about

She now knew

What she decided not to carry

Was her burden no more

She built sandcastles with old burdens

To the klink of sea shells wrapped around her wrists

In the gentle breeze

On very golden sand

She built them close to The Sea

She stood

She smiled

She smiled

She stood

Watching them melt away

Ever so slowly, softly

The Sea reclaims

With love

With kisses

That is how The Homecoming is.

Her feet left lighter traces this time

The Sea soothed

Filled them with Sand

Last time she had walked this strand

With myth and love, both hand in hand

They had been heavy enough

But the sultry surf

Would protect her nameless

Hide traces of her

The Sea would allow happy forget

Of Her Self

Of even suggestions of Old Weight

The Boat was nameless

But white

This time she would do it right

Step in. Set sail.

Leave nothing behind.

Her book to her heart

She did embark

Let the cyan filter through

The teal

Was a steal

Into her eyes

When she shot them open

The Sea had danced in them

And this time,

There were dolphins too.

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